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  1. The Comparison of Several Factorial Structures of the Cornell Critical Thinking Test Level Z – DOWNLOAD

Authors: Andrea BARTA, Borbála TAMÁS, Tünde PÓKA

  1. Executive Functions in Clinical and Non-Clinical Populations. A Comparative Analysis – DOWNLOAD

Authors: Dana A. ICLOZAN, Iulia F. POP

  1. Fake News and the Individual. Personal Characteristics Which Influence What We Choose to Believe – DOWNLOAD

Authors: Ovidiu CRISTIAN, Sebastian VAIDA

  1. Undergraduate Students’ Opinion on Digital Learning in a Post-pandemic Era: A Case Study – DOWNLOAD

Authors: Bianca Doris BRETAN

  1. Personality Traits and Work Values as Predictors of Vocational Interests Among University Students – DOWNLOAD

Authors: Anna VERES, Tünde PÓKA

  1. Colombian Teachers’ Network on STEM: Approaching Concepts and Strategies for Collaborative Work and Educational Innovation – DOWNLOAD

Authors: Heidy Natalia GARCÍA CADENA

  1. The Role of Emotionality, Self-efficacy, Rational- and Intuitive- Thinking Styles in Advanced Chess Expertise – DOWNLOAD

Authors: Adrienn VARGA, Eszter Eniko MARSCHALKO

  1. The suicides among the Romanian police and public safety personnel in the period 2016-2021 – DOWNLOAD

Authors: Mînjină BOGDAN

  1. Sex (Is Not) On Fire: The Mediating Role of Cognitive Schemas Between Symptoms of Endometriosis and Sexual Distress – DOWNLOAD

Authors: Bernadette GÁLFI, Oana COBEANU, Kinga KÁLCZA-JÁNOSI, Róbert BALÁZSI

  1. The Highs and Lows of Pornography Use: Does Motivation Affect Users’ Life Satisfaction? – DOWNLOAD


  1. Teacher’s Intention to Report Child Abuse and Neglect in Romania: A Mixed-method Study – DOWNLOAD

Authors: Delia CRISTESCU

  1. Health Behaviour of Police Officers in Relation to Hypertension. Observations from a Hungarian County – DOWNLOAD

Authors: Aliz AMBRUSZ, Zsuzsanna BORBÉLY, Erika MALÉT-SZABÓ

  1. Text-Based Inference Instruction for Elementary Grade Children with Reading Comprehension Difficulties: An Intervention Research – DOWNLOAD

Authors: Codruța MIH, Viorel MIH

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